Ohne dich ist alles doof!

Ode to a vanished snowman. Or happy thanksgiving.
November 26, 2009, 11:35 pm
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Achem–Below follows a symbolism laden piece of performance art, entitled: The Chronicled Consumption of a Very Tasty Snowperson (this is where I deleted a very long conversation with myself about the ways in which dominance functions by rendering itself invisible and how snowman/snowperson on one hand whatever, but on the other hey male should not be the default gender!  I decided that it wasn’t a necessary conversation to have with myself at this juncture. Hence the use of snowperson in the title, and snowman in the very important piece of performance art. it is a man, unfortunately it has no name.)  On to the very important progressive piece of performance art that if you don’t understand honestly people you just are not high brow enough. Ah! An alternative name! How high is YOUR brow? A quantitative analysis, beautifully photographed by the computer of one kassia r***.


In which the snowman and I become acquainted.

In which I realize that the snowman is not made of snow, but in fact very tasty marzipan.

I consume the head.

Well, part of it.

Snowman says "Oh noes!" Or perhaps it is the growling of my deliciously satisfied stomach.

End Scene.

I hope this piece touched you to the very depth of your souls. And that you are all suddenly very attached to the feminist cause. Or, for you masculinists out there (i.e. my brother) the PERSONIST cause! Equal rights for all!

Yes. This is how I am spending my time in Hamburg. The snowman was a take home item from a very wonderful thanksgiving dinner hosted by our advising professor and his wife. The food was killer. I still don’t like turkey, but I have come around to stuffing, especially covered with (sweet?) gravy. If only every thursday could be thanksgiving! (at smith it is 😉 )

Love you lots and happy thanksgivings!

PS I have my visa!