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I don’t need an interlocutor and baby, you look a little cuter day by day
November 24, 2009, 7:57 pm
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I have been off having wonderful adventures, and as a result, have fallen behind in the chronicling there of. I’m not really sure you can use ‘there of’ that way, but you can do it in German. Every time I speak english I realize just how useful that construction is.

The last few weeks have been filled with an equal share of travel and music. I spent four days last week in Leipzig, my first real expedition into East Germany. The girl I was traveling with seemed to think that it was a great example of the DDR, and kept pointing out what she saw as differences between east and west. I’ve been here for 3 months, but I don’t feel like I know East vs West enough to assume that the differences between Hamburg and Leipzig are a result of previous political lines. There were two clear differences–Leipzig has an older, more squished, seeming center, and a ton of square dilapidated buildings sprinkled throughout the city.

This past weekend was spent in Bremen with SERVAS hosts. Bremen also has an older, more squished feel than Hamburg (Hamburg feels very airy), and was a lot of fun. Our hosts took us on a tour through the town center the first day, and we stopped at a store and put two display puzzles together, and then walked along the river. For lunch we stopped at a fish cart, and I had Bratfish. Delicious. The second day we took a walk along the moors, and ate an amazing fish stew. I suppose I will have to admit to liking fish.

Now I’m sick. Not terribly sick, but bad enough that I missed school due to illness for the first time (that I remember) since I got food poisoning after Folklife in highschool (food poisoning not from folklife food, rather from some shop in pike market). I was not happy about it. Still, because of the swine flu (who knows if that’s what I have) I had to stay home. I missed out on a play for class, which was disappointing. I’d feel worse if I got someone else sick, though.

I’ve been to two concerts since moving to Hamburg. 1) John Vanderslice at Thalia Zentrale, 2) some british duo at the Pony Bar. I am in love with both locations. Thalia Zentrale is a rectangular room with booth like cusions, tables, chairs, a bar, and a small stage. There were about 30 of us, and the performance was amazing. I didn’t expect an encore (I saw him last semester in Northampton and he didn’t give one) but the one he gave ranks in the top two. He came out with his band and played acoustic versions of three songs with tons of harmony. And I basically stood next to him. And afterwards he gave me a hug.

The second concert was no where near as good. The duo (kyrstie mcgee, or something) has received some attention in England, and they were good, but unimpressive. It was alt-folk/country, and I got a little bored at times. Still, it was free, and worth attending. The Pony Bar stage area is a lot more squished, but super comfy with sofas and arm chairs. I am determined to find more such places throughout Hamburg.

That’s basically it. My classes are going well, my German is improving, I’m not officially in quarantine, but I’m not supposed to be leaving my room too much. I haven’t been diagnosed with anything, and it’s my theory that, so long as whatever I have remains a mystery, I can refrain from disinfecting everything with blue fluid and wearing one of those mouth masks every time I leave my room (there are many dorm regulations for the swine flu). If I’m still sick on Thursday I’ll go get checked out.

All my love!


Oh! Also, I’ve learned to play Canasta! It’s awesome! My new favorite game! And my tandem language partner is fantastic. This Friday we’re going to Hamburg’s Christmas Market and Dom–a festival in the St. Pauli district with Rose Festival type food and rides.

One of my new favorite songs:

(Grow up and marry me!/I won’t!)


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