Ohne dich ist alles doof!

This post will be a giant run-on sigh
October 19, 2009, 1:38 pm
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Life here in Hamburg is crazy. Which is funny, because not much is going on. I shake my head at the ridiculousness of this. Supposedly, last week was Orientation week at the University, and I tried VERY hard to find my program. No information was available over the internet, no information was posted on the dept bulletin boards, and when I showed up at the Geography orientation, no one knew where to send me. We spent an hour going up and down Geomatikum stairs. Eventually, we ended up at an office, and the woman called tons of people (originally wrote ‘women’ instead of ‘people’–wow. this is my brain) trying to help me. The end result being–can’t help you, you’ll have to keep looking yourself. Also, she said a word I didn’t understand and then switched to English. I hate it when people do that. Getting someone to stick to german through a moment of confusion has become an accomplishment. I am not happy about this.

Anyway, end of story, I gave up and went to IKEA. Yummy hot dog and pizza pocket and apple schorle.

I thought this story was over, until I tried to go to class this morning. I showed up, only to find out that Geologie starts a week after everyone else, and THIS was orientation week. Now, I had a very good reason to think classes were this week–I asked a professor a week ago whether or not I could miss this thursday for a scholarship meeting in Bonn. He said no. Seems we both thought classes started this week (or he didn’t register the date I gave him). Luckily, I found a handy Orientation schedule posted. Too bad I read the Magister (master program) schedule. I went to the wrong room, they sent me to the right room, which had been vacated. My first clue was that, although food and drink were present, the drinks had been partially consumed. I then sought out a trash can, and found one–full of used cups. I found someone, explained the situation, and they sent me back to the same room. I waited for twenty minutes, eating cookies, drinking juice, and finally went down to the info booth. After stashing about 8 cookies in my purse. I am eating them as I type. mmmmmm.

Then another up this floor down that floor party commenced.

But there is good news at the end of this! There was a vacancy in the Bonn trip and… I CAN GO! YES! Free trip to awesome food land. Awesome FREE food land. I can’t wait.

So basically I have one class this week. I need to make sure that Chemistry starts this week…I’d hate to show up at a non-existent class again. I’d rather hit up (or attempt to hit up) the orientation.

On a more interesting, and slightly less hectic note, I went on my first ever Solo Adventure. Mom and I had an extra day on a eurail pass (long boring slightly bothersome story), and I took the opportunity to travel to Germany’s northernmost coast–The east side of an island called Sylt (zoot). It was a cold somewhat rainy day involving lots of walking and a little bit of self losing. Physical self losing that is. I fixed the losing of self by magically catching a bus back to a central location.

Sylt wasn’t exactly a woohoo hoo kind of trip, but it was worth the day, and I had a good time. i’d go back, even, if I could find a servas family to stay with. The island has its own language (I didn’t get a chance to hear it) and unique architecture. Everything in the town of Keitum looked like it had popped out of Snow white and the Seven dwarves.

The best part of Sylt was the medieval church–13th century. Beautifully kept up, simple. I’m usually not impressed by churches or cathedrals, but this one seemed to embody what a church/cathedral was originally intended to be. or at least my interpretation of what it should be–A simple beautiful place in which to honor a god. I liked the lack of thrills–there are times when I get annoyed by where church money goes. Not to say that church architecture is a waste–many European churches are incredible. I liked this one better.

And today I watched Dirty Dancing in German. Score! (Gay and Lesbian film festival this week. Hope to see at least one! Saw an interesting summary of one about a South Korean individual (born male) who starts wrestling with the hope of winning enough money to finance a sex change. shall ask the one german person i know if they are interested in attending).

Books I’ve Read in German:

Anne of Green Gables (Anne auf Green Gables)

The Magician’s Nephew (Das Wunder von Narnia)

Books I Currently Have Checked out from the Library and Am Going to Read:


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Der König von Narnia)

Reading (and understanding!) books in German is very exciting.

Over and out. Exciting Bonn stories to follow? Perhaps.

(Ps, Berlin wasn’t that awesome. It was a fun time, tons of cool museums, but at this point I would visit for the Museums, not for Berlin).


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