Ohne dich ist alles doof!

I almost wrote a title in german…
September 30, 2009, 2:25 pm
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Every one keeps mentioning that dreaming in another is the first sign of fluency. Having dreamt in German (Studying in my sleep, and then one dream that had smidgens of german in it), I can’t claim to agree. Last night I dreamt in gibberish. It was an odd thing to wake up to.

I haven’t been up to too much adventuring–schoolwork has been keeping me moderately busy. This week I have my first real presentation in German. It’s on censorship, and potentially quite interesting. Which means that either I am incredibly boring, or the vocabulary makes it difficult to understand. I’m opting for vocab–i’m not ready to admit selfhood defeat just yet. Before I had to do this somewhat important presentation thing–which is tomorrow, by the way–i went on a not too exciting but decidedly awesome adventure with Margaret. She hosted a German exchange student named Jonas (I think?) in middle school, and as a result has obtained a fantastically nice Deutsche Familie. We visited them for a weekend a few weeks ago, and while Detmold isn’t anything to write home about (har har) oh hey, it was a fun visit. We ate a ton of really good food, spoke with actual germans (this living in a dorm thing isn’t doing much for german interaction) and had an all around good time. I also saw my first Freilichtmuseum (outside museum)! Actually, I think I went to something like that once with my parents. It involved fire fighters, a black smith, and hair cross stitched wall hangings.

The Orientierungsprogramm is almost over. It isn’t scary to be done, but I don’t feel quite ready to start at the University. I’ll be taking 6 hours of mineralogy a week, along with chemistry, a threatre course, and grammar. We just had our second placement test–fingers crossed I tested into the higher level. The lower level has to continue with grammar next semester, and takes the place of an elective. I have to take 3 science courses next semester. An elective would be nice.

We head to Berlin this weekend, which should be great fun. Maybe I’ll be able to fit in a daytrip somewhere around there.

I’ve also started thinking about spring break plans. Never too early! Right now I’m thinking biking from Hamburg to Florence might be nice, though I hear I might have to cross this thing called the alps. That could be a problem. Good thing I have all semester to find a solution!


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