Ohne dich ist alles doof!

In Which Kassia, Liz, and Margaret (hooray for oxford commas) Set Out (and Return!) from a Very Great Adventure
September 14, 2009, 6:05 pm
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Saturday began slowly. We ran into Amy and her friend Stefan en route to adventure, and ended up spending multiple hours at the folklife-esque Kultur fest at the university. Imagine an area half the size of Smith, filled with multiple hundred of people, filing through aisles surrounded by food/craft stalls on both sides. With multiple music stages. And adolescent/early 20 year old boys attempting to breakdance to beat-lacking music and failing. Miserably.

It was hilarious.

And the food was so good!

And in order to explain my new found love of curry wurst, I must first explain the Altona-Rathaus incident.

Every other day (or so), we meet up with Sarah, a UH Student who did a year abroad at Smith last year through the American Studies dept. She shows us around Hamburg, attempts to elucidate certain cultural differences, and basically shows us a good time. Last week, we were supposed to meet up at the Rathaus for a tour. A very important tour-our professor was going to be there. Alas and alack, the morning was instantly doomed to failure. Step one: Meet Ali and Sarah, and learn that Ali has discovered a super fast way to the Rathaus using HVV (like trimet.org). Step two: get on bus 25. Step three: get text from Sarah telling us we need our passports and anmelden (address registration forms). Step four: take 25 in opposite direction and get forms. Step five: get back on 25 in what we *think* is the right direction. Step six: switch to 15. Step seven: get off and find Rathaus. Step eight: discover it is the wrong Rathaus. Basically we had to maneuver our way back to a u-bahn line, and take the route we had initially intended to take to the Rathaus. We were super late for our tour, didn’t have time for lunch, and had to get curry worst.

Think sweet and super yummy ketchup over sausage. Sooooooo worth it.

Any way! Back to our super awesome adventure! After eating our currywurst, we made our way to the Hauptbahnhof (main train station) and got on a random train heading in a random adventure. And where did we end up? Well! Crazy enough, I will tell you. At a super awesome Eintritt Frei (No entrance fee) Botanical garden, complete with pouty fish, North American conifers (speaking of which, I just heard the They Might Be Giants conifer song off of their kids album. educational music is so entertaining), and crocuses. Giant purple crocuses trying to find the sun. I feel like this is a constant struggle in Hamburg, as it is very often rainy and cloudy. One of my first weather experiences in Hamburg involved rain that turned into hail (huge huge painful hail) during our return trip from ikea. Lucky enough I had purchased a drying rack, which I attempted to hide behind. I achieved moderate success.

Pictures are on facebook! All my love,



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Love your blog so far!!! Reminds me of the times I moved to new cities (or villages) abroad and had to start from Level O as regards everything. Best adventures ever! Ohhhh, envious. Keep writing more of your adventures – can’t wait to hear all & vicariously discover Hamburg life through you (grin)!

Comment by Margie

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