Ohne dich ist alles doof!

Settling in–I hope
September 12, 2009, 7:49 am
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I won’t officially become a resident of Hamburg until I receive my visa, but even more than that, I really need to get off my butt and go outside. When there are only 4 people in your dorm that you know, and you don’t want to risk going completely ape shit as you tire of their company, it becomes quite necessary to spend time alone. Time spent alone, however, does not always lead to fantastically awesome solo adventures. Instead it leads to time spent online, or wading one’s way through a kid book in German. Not bad things in and of themselves, but I’m in Germany, and there are way cooler things I could be doing.

The first week I got here (for the second time) I went exploring by myself through a fantastic park bordering a canal, and finally to the public library. I now generally know the parked area, the area surrounding hauptbahnhof and the library, and the area surrounding my dorm. Hey! I even have an inkling as to what one might find in Altona (there is a story behind this. It will be told later), But I still don’t feel like I know the city. Rather, my mental map consists of a few simple street lines, and is built on my knowledge of local buses and train lines. To get to the library you can take the 5, or you can go to Osterstraße and take the 4 or the U2. Best “pretend I have local knowledge” moment so far? Last night. A Smith Alum and 6 year resident of Hamburg needed to get on a specific train line, and was planning on going all the way to hauptbahnhof before switching trains, and then heading back in our direction. But! Because I had just made a better connection myself, I knew to switch at Shlump. Now to know the rest of the city that well. So! In the spirit of exploration, today Liz and I will be jumping on a random bus and having awesome hamburgian adventures.

Cool things you really ought to know about:

Alster fest. Star Trek cover band. AWESOME.

Wasserlichtkonzert: Nightly event in the Planten und Blomen garden. Water and light displays set to music.

Fire Dancing: Margarete got the good pictures of this, but I will see what I can do to upload mine. It was incredible. He lit his wings on fire, and played with all sorts of flaming batons. One of which flew sparks everywhere and startled/scared the crap out of me.

Socks!: I only brought 4 pairs of socks with me to save on packing space. Oops. I finally brought socks, and can wear close toed shoes again. (It has been quite chilly here, and wearing sandals every day has not been the epitome of fun).


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