Ohne dich ist alles doof!

September 2, 2009, 8:55 pm
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I keep hearing the most contradictory things about Germany. One day, professors will go on and on insisting that the junior year abroad will affect the rest of our lives, and the next they’ll be telling us how unimpressive and uneventful it can seem. And how depressed we will be. Reminding us that the days are only getting shorter, and that any improvements in our German will for the most part go unnoticed–by us at least. And in an absurd, hilarious way, they are right. The depression hasn’t set in yet (and hopefully won’t), but I have begun to notice the interaction between the exciting and the mundane. Every conversation I have is a struggle to understand and communicate, and feels less like an accomplishment than an experience that is no longer unique. But as pedestrian as these conversations have become, and as sludgy/trudgy as they feel, in retrospect they are quite exciting. During, even. I am so excited to have more and more of these pedestrian and difficult conversations, about beer, spring break, carnival, and some place called Majorca that I still don’t understand.

I could go on. But instead I am going to bed. I am exhausted. Before I go, I will leave you with a list featuring only a few of the very awesome, and very common-place, things I have done so far.

Floor party!

Made Omelets!

Tested into the higher grammar class!

Eaten amazing food provided by Joe and Sue!

Tried a Berliner! (YUM)

Went to an Outdoor Flea Market thing and ordered a Crepe auf Deutsch!

Watched 10 Things I hate about you auf Deutsch

And most important of all–Have asked that my floor mates speak German to me, as it is the only way I will improve. Results so far–positive.

All my love,



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